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The Most Important Law That Educators Must Follow

The 14th Amendment of the Constitution states that no State (or school) can, "deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." I'm sure you are asking, how does that affect me as an educator? Well, teachers and administrators are arms of the State at the Supreme Court requires us to afford "due process" to students.

Justices ruled in Goss v. Lopez that students have a property interest in their education. Therefore, if the state is to take away that property interest - expulsion, suspension, or other discipline that removes students from learning - then they must be provided the opportunity to defend themselves. Also, students must be provided the opportunity to follow a procedure of discipline. During your career, keep this in mind and be sure that your school and classroom discipline procedure follows the 14th amendment.

New Teachers Walk The Line

New teachers have a tough challenge breaking into this profession in many areas. Where I live, in California, new teachers have to really be outstanding for the administrator to keep them around through their probationary period. Teachers can be let go without cause for the first two years of employment as long as procedural t's are cross and i's are dotted. Once they keep you past the probationary period, then you need to really feel welcomed. You have been given the green light and thumbs up from your principal without them saying a word. They want you around for a long time. I'm developing a guide to help new teachers break into the profession and last.

homeclassroom managementpedagogynew or aspiring teachers

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